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Protests in Chennai, Bharathiraja unmoved!

The film fraternity has announced that it will hold a protest condemning the killing of the Tamils by the SL army in Sri Lanka. While it was announced by the Directors’ and Producers’ Council that they will hold the protest meet at Rameswaram on October 19th, the Nadigar Sangam President Sarathkumar expressed


the inability of many leading stars to participate in it owing to prior commitments.

The issue took a new turn with Sarath announcing that the actors and actresses will observe a fast on November 1st in Chennai. It has been reported that all the leading stars will be present in this fasting. Latest reports state that Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan will also take part in the initiative.

Meanwhile, Director Bharathiraja, seems to be going ahead with his plans of protest in Rameswaram. When contacted by Behindwoods, he mentioned that there are no changes in his earlier plans of October 19 and around 2000 actors / directors / technicians are participating in the protest in Rameswaram. He also stated that invitations are open for the protest and folks from the film fraternity are welcome to join him in the protests. Further, he also refused to comment on the chennai protests mentioning that he had nothing to say in this regard.

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