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Movie : Dhool
Starring : Vikram, Jyothika, Reema Sen, Vivek, Paravai Muniamma, Sayaji Shinde, Manoj K. Jayan, Mayilsamy, Mayilsamy
Music : Vidyasagar
Direction : Dharani
Year : 2003

Arumugham (Vikram) is an uneducated, good hearted, helpful village hick. Easwari (Jyothika) is his childhood friend. A chemical factory in the village pollutes the local river and when all attempts to stop the factory waste from going to the drinking water falls flat, the villagers decide to send Arumugham to Chennai and meet the concerned minister who has won from their constituency. He sets out for the city with Easwari and her grandmother and they stay with Arumugham’s friend (Vivek) and gang. Swapna (Reema Sen) is a model who stays in the same area and she lusts after Arumugham. They meet the Minister (Sayaji Shinde) who is extremely nice to them and promises to help them. Soon Arumugham is forced by circumstances to fight against an anti-social gang with a lady boss. An honest police officer (Manoj.K.Jayan) tries to collect evidence against the criminal gang. When Arumugham realizes that the bad guys are the henchmen of the same Minister who is behind all the crimes! He starts beating the Minister with his intelligence and plans. Ultimately he solves his village’s problem and at the same time teaches the Minister a lesson.
Usually you get a hero, a villain, a heroine and a vamp but there’s just so much more in this movie to make it stand out. You get all those plus a politician villain supported by an entire gang of rowdies led by an EVIL WOMAN, plus a mentally unstable cop plus Vivek plus Paravai Muniyamma plus Reema plus Chitty Babu, all of whom have an active role to play in the movie and plot.

The story isn’t anything new and you don’t expect it to be. The reason that this movie stands out is because of its unique characters. The use of a female villain was brilliant but due to lack of physical capability and height, rather than acting ability, she was not as intimidating as she could have been. Well, she was rather more entertaining rather than disturbing like the female cop in Kadhalan.

The politician villain is less clich├ęd because of the brilliant comical actor who really throws out a unique performance. Him getting screwed over by softcore queen ‘Shakeela’ was really too good. Some of the songs by Vidyasagar are good. In all, a very entertaining flick that is worth watching at least once.

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