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Suriya better than Kamal - are you kidding?

Just read the column titled "Present unbeatable actor of Tamil" in Behindwoods.com. Though Suriya is undoubtedly talented, the title is wildly exaggerated when you consider legends like Kamal and Rajini are still very much active and churning out blockbusters. Suriya hasn't even scaled the heights of Vikram, let alone Kamal. While the title of the column is far-fetched, the comparison between Kamal and Suriya is off the track and the conclusion that Suriya will be more popular and versatile than Kamal is grossly premature.

I don't know what generation the writer of the column belong to, but my guess is the author wasn't even born when Kamal gave "16 Vayathinile","Nizhal Nijamaagiradhu","Aval Appadithaan" in the 70's..How about "Raja Paarvai" "Moondram Pirai" or "Salangai Oli" in the early 80's? Ok, does "Chippikul Muthu" or "Nayagan" in the mid 80's put Suriya in his place? If not, I am sure "Michael Madhana Kama Rajan" or "Indian" in the 90's will. "Virumaandi" in the 2000's still

remains.., and this is just a brief list. Well, let's give Suriya a break, shall we?. Because he hasn't even been around for one decade.

Tamil film industry is now filled with exciting new talents (Suriya very much belongs to this group) and it would be interesting to see what everyone does next. Even Karthi, his younger brother will give Suriya a run for his money. His "Paruthi Veeran" was the most remarkable debut by a Tamil actor since 1952.(I'll leave it to the readers to find out what happened in '52).Jeeva was amazing in "Kattradhu Tamil".Vikram is in a class of his own. It would make sense to compare these actors rather than commenting if they can match the likes of Sivaji or Kamal.

Its funny to read women worshipped Suriya after watching "Kaaka Kaaka"...Was he a police officer in the film or Lord Muruga?...I know the writer didn't mean it literally but by bringing Kamal into the picuture, the column was asking for it.
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