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What happened to Ajith's film? Photobucket

A couple of months ago Sivaji Productions had announced that it will produce a film with Ajith in the lead. Sameera Reddy was signed up to play his on screen pair. But, unfortunately, director Gautham Menon, who was supposed to have commenced the film in September, was tied up with Vaaranam Aayiram and Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikalam.

Later on he also returned the advance paid to him by Sivaji Productions. Due to this, Ajith's project was left hanging in the balance.

Meanwhile, the production house is scouting for a suitable director to take up the project. Vishnuvardhan, the director of Billa, was a strong contender in the race, but his present commitment with Sarvam seems to halt the progress as he will be available only after March. Other established directors like Prabhu Deva and KS Ravi Kumar are also busy with their own projects and are not in a position to take up Ajith's venture. It now looks like that all Ajith just needs is a suitable director.

Compares Nayan with Sridevi Photobucket

The forthcoming Nayanthara-Karthi starrer has the fans' expectations soaring high. The film, titled Payya, will be directed by Lingusamy. Speaking about the film and Nayanthara in particular, Lingusamy said that Payya's storyline revolves entirely on the highways of Bangalore-Mumbai route. What happens in a car forms the crux of Payya, he elaborated.

On selecting Nayan for the role, Lingusamy said that she is the best actress who has all the qualities that Sridevi had. He added that Nayan's acting skills will be showcased in Payya. The actress might even be paid a crore for it

The film's shooting will commence on December 15th in Bangalore and go on for 20 days. Lingusamy is teaming up yet again with music director Yuvan Shankar Raja after their association in Sandakozhi.

This icon finds his pair Photobucket

The 3-D animation film titled Puratchi Thalaivan, which will bring to life the icon of Tamil cinema and the Tamil people, Dr. M.G. Ramachandran, is being produced by Maya Bimbangal. The film will have MGR in the animated form. Any guesses who will be his heroine in the film? Well, it is none other that Saroja Devi. This on

screen pair remained a favorite for many years among the audience.

It will indeed be a treat for the present generation to watch them back. According to the producers, the film's trailer will be released on January 17th to coincide with MGR's birth anniversary.

Bharathiraja:“Corporate producers are crocodiles” Photobucket

Bommalattam, Bharathiraja’s latest, had long been delayed but will finally get a release on the 12. It’s press meet was held this evening at Four Frames, Chennai, where the director vociferously spoke against corporate companies involved in producing cinema today.

The movie is based on a real story,

and he has used actual people from the locations instead of actors. The last time he did a true story was Manvasanai. It’s about three murders and a murderer who was never caught by the police. However, in the movie, he will show the murdered being caught by the police. Raja said the climax of the film is unique and no one will be able to guess it.

Bommalattam had been screened at German film festivals where it was critically appreciated. One German film institute has even included the film as a text to be studied in the course. Raja said the movie had been delayed because of corporate companies not supporting the film enough. They felt it did not have a wide market and so did not promote it. He went on to say that in the years past, distributors would fight a lot to get a market and take a great deal of trouble to make the film a success, but corporate companies don’t take much trouble.

These distributors today have become as thin and invisible as lizards, he said. But they are good people. But corporate companies are as predatory as crocodiles and will eat you up. Now because of the economic recession they are laying low, he added. And this was a good thing, and it would be good if they continued to be low key.

Nadigar Sangam takes a strong resolution Photobucket

This morning (December 2), several stars and actors from the Nadigar Sangam met to offer condolences and prayers to those affected by the Mumbai tragedy. Present were Dhanush, Karthi, Bharath, Sathyaraj, Sibiraj, Radha Ravi, Sandhya, Keerthi chawla and many from the industry. On a large table strewn with rose flowers, the actors planted candles to

commemorate each life that was lost. They observed silence for a while and then began to deliberate on what had happened and how they could be involved in the future to offer support to victims. The resolution passed and the oaths taken were clear: the Nadigar Sangam will come out strongly against any terrorist activity.
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